WallaceMade designs + builds furniture to last generations.  Every piece is custom designed and hand crafted to fit your specific needs using traditional construction methods that have been proven to stand the test of time.

Born in Brooklyn out of necessity, WallaceMade began as an idea to maximize space in a small city apartment.  My wife and I needed a piece of furniture at the entry that looked great, served multiple functions and didn't waste space.  Nothing fit.  So I joined a maker space and got started.

Now located a few miles outside of NYC in New Jersey, the idea has evolved into a design studio & workshop founded on those same design principles - look great, serve its function, and fit in the space perfectly.


Fabrication is purposeful and efficient to ensure minimal waste. Unused materials from larger projects are used in making accessories for the home + office.  Check out the HOME STORE for the latest goods.

Material sourcing is equally thoughtful – simply put, no timber is worked unless its provenance is known.  Wood is primarily sourced from local reclaimed lumber providers & small-batch urban sawmills on account of their traditional and sustainable practices. This guarantees an ethically & ecologically sound supply chain.